Easy Recipes on a Budget!

You can make baby food easily and safely in your food processor. But if you decide to buy your baby food, it can still help you stretch your grocery budget! The recipes here are for the whole family. Yes! Your whole family will love what you can do with a jar of mashed carrots or applesauce!

You can make decadent lowfat chocolate cake, moist lowfat brownies and scrumptious banana chocolate chip bread! You will love the simple and easy recipes for sandwiches, meatloaf and pizza sauce that will save you time in the kitchen.

Your family will actually request these delicious meals! But are you going to tell them they are eating baby food or keep it a secret?

When you use Easy Recipes for Frugal Living, you'll see just how easy it is to keep money in your pocket! Easily create your weekly menu with my money saving recipes and you'll have money left at the end of your month!

I use these same easy recipes for my family. They have been taste-tested by very picky eaters, my diet conscious daughter-in-law-to be and even my vegetarian daughter. The recipes are very budget friendly and simply delicious. You'll be amazed how easy the recipes are to make! You'll be happily surprised at how much money you'll really save in just 30 days, too!

I'm talking about cash in your hand that you can use toward your utilities, car payments and even old debt! If you're serious and you really do need extra cash each month, this is how you can accomplish it without a second job and without going further into debt.

It won't take months of hard work and sacrifice either. Just 30 days of cooking these easy recipes for your family and shopping at the stores listed in "King's Cuisine on a Pauper's Penny" and you'll have cash in your hand.

I know how it is living paycheck to paycheck. I also know how it is living without a steady paycheck too. If this sounds like you, then without a doubt, you can save hundreds of dollars every month, too! You will easily live comfortably within your own means. Imagine how your quality of life will improve as you save $100, $300 or even $500 cash every month! Imagine all that extra hard earned money that can go towards your car payment, insurance and gas. Or what about the vacation that you never could afford? You can now!

You will have that cash in your hand because you didn't have to spend it on over-priced groceries! Seriously, I saw a bottle of maple flavored syrup at one store for $5.49 and the same bottle, ounce for ounce, at another store for $1.88. Comparison shopping really does pay off!

You'll have more food in your house and spend less money for it! But it's not just about easy recipes and grocery shopping, I have plenty of money saving tips from desserts to car insurance. In just one month you can save hundreds of dollars. The good news is that you can do it every month without fail. Just do it one month and repeat! So simple.

The first step in saving is preparation.

You can quickly create a weekly menu and fill it with my easy recipes. You can use any 7 day menu planner, a piece of white paper or a chalk board. Do whatever you have to do and set up your weekly menu. Make at least one day each week for "left-overs". Two days would be better but do what works for your family.

You will have everything you need to significantly slash your grocery bill in the next 30 days. You don't have to cut coupons. You don't have to drive the gas out of your car on a "sales paper" route that nets you little to no savings.
All you need is

"King's Cuisine on a Pauper's Penny"

. You will have over a hundred recipes to choose from.

You can figure the cost of each serving in just seconds.
This means that you will be able to put a money saving menu together in just a few minutes! It just depends on how long it takes you to choose what you want on your menu. Try homemade Corn dogs that easily rival the County Fair and Chocolate Nachos for that sweet tooth on movie nights at home or homemade pizza that will win your heart and fatten your wallet!

1. Use the list of places to shop to get the ultimate money saving deals.

2. Use the shopping list of items to buy from each store. Always comparison shop!

3. There's a list of places where you should NEVER shop if you want to save money. This saves you time, gas and money!

4. Use the pantry staples list that will help you whip up easy recipes and fast meals in no time, even if you get snowed in for a few days you will have plenty of food!

5. Use the money saving formula for the ultimate power over your grocery budget! This is the KEY to everything. No matter where you shop!

Get started today and please, use my braggin' rights page to let me know how much money you saved! If you need help, use my "contact me" page and I will help you! I will personally email you and answer your questions!

I look forward to hearing from you,




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